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Retiree Issues

There are on-going discussions in relation to the problems being experienced by retired registered medical practitioners in gaining the required 50 CPD credits and one clinical / practice audit.  It is recognised that changes to the requirements for retired practitioners can only be effected through the Medical Council and we do not see these changes taking place in the immediate future.

There are two scenarios for retired doctors:

(i)    Fully retired in that the retired practitioner no longer sees patients and are not engaged in any activity that requires registration with the Medical Council

(ii)   Occasionally see patients or are engaged in activities that require the practitioner to be registered with the Medical Council e.g.  Teaching, tutoring, medico-legal work, professional advisor etc.

If the first scenario applies and a practitioner has completely retired from practice and does not intend to do any medically related work in the foreseeable future, then it will be difficult to meet the Professional Competence requirements as set out by the Medical Council.   For practitioners who this scenario applies to may wish to consider voluntary withdrawal from the Register.   The current guidance furnished by the Medical Council can be found on the Medical Council website and it might be useful to contact the Medical Council Professional Competence Scheme section to discuss this.

If the second scenario applies and a practitioner is involved in academic or medico-legal work, then the Medical Council state that retired practitioners will be obliged to fulfill their statutory duty to maintain professional competence.     Therefore practitioners need to work within the current system to accumulate sufficient credits.  The categories that cause the most difficulty for retired doctors are the internal category and Audit.   The following are some suggestions as to how practitioners can legitimately accumulate CPD credits:-

In relation to the Clinical / Practice Audit, the following suggestions may be adaptable to an individual’s requirements:

  • Measurement of individual compliance with guidelines / protocols
  • Medico-legal practice audit
  • Skills analysis
  • Self-assessment
  • Teaching role :  An evaluation of teaching role

Example:  Medico-Legal practice Audit:  (i) Record the number of different types of Medico legal cases.  (ii) Number of those who required review of imaging and the time they took.  (iii) Record the length of time carrying out literature searches to support your report

In relation to the Internal Category, the following suggestions could be adapted:-

  • If you are teaching or acting in a professional advisory capacity, then the meetings, presentations or reviews that relate to that role can be recorded in the internal category. 
  • Preparation of teaching lectures
  • Preparation time for examining
  • Peer review groups
  • Meetings to discuss medico legal cases
  • Chart reviews which commonly occur in medical legal practice
  • Attending case presentations
  • Attending meetings that relate to practitioners current role

In relation to the External Category, the following are suggestions:

  • Online courses e.g. Medscape
  • Courses approved by Training Bodies
  • Attendance at meetings both National & International

In relation to the External Category, the following are suggestions:

  • Journal Clubs
  • E-Learning
  • Self-directed education e.g. journal reading

In relation to the Research & Teaching Category, the following are suggestions:

  • Lectures
  • Teaching
  • Examiner for Postgraduate Training Body
  • Publishing articles
  • Question Setting

Over the next few months we intend to have further discussions with other Training bodies and we hope to have more expansion on the above and guidelines will be issued.

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