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How do I upload CPD Credits for the Internal Category

When attending an internal activity within the hospital, you should ensure that you obtain a Certificate/ document confirming attendance at internal meetings/ activities. Evidence for a recurring activity, such as Grand Rounds, Multidisciplinary meetings can be uploaded in one document (memo, letter or Certificate).  Your evidence document for Internal CPD credits must carry your name and the name of your hospital/institution and confirmation from the organiser / clinical lead/ hospital administration / that you did attend.


You will need to attach a document confirming attendance to the event uploaded to your PCS portfolio or keep a hard copy on file. It is necessary to keep a record of the meeting including at a minimum, title of activity, a list other dates the activity took place, the start and finish times and meeting focus.   Click HERE for sample document.

Photocopies / photographs of sign in book at meetings is NOT appropriate evidence for Internal activities.


When uploading Internal activities to your PCS e-Portfolio, you can upload one entry with a round-up of your attendance.   Example:  Enter a date/ choose the category – Internal / grand Rounds and then in the description box, sample text:  attendance at Grand Round meetings between x date  and x date.  Then enter the number of credits example say 8 CPD credits.  Then you need to attach the confirmation of these meetings as per sample document here.


If you require any further clarification or need any assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact

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