NO CPD Credits uploaded - Not on Target 1st May 2022 - 30th April 2023




We wish to advise you that on reviewing your Professional Competence Scheme portfolio, we note that you have NO CPD credits uploaded for the current year which ends on 30th April 2023.  (Please note this information is based on an automated report on a given date /time from your PCS portfolio and in the meantime, you may have uploaded CPD credits.  Any queries, please email


As you are aware that for the 2022/23 Professional Competence Scheme Year, the Framework for Maintenance of Professional Competence Activity has been modified and the following applies:


  • Doctors are required to record *25 CPD credits of the 50 CPD credit total with their Scheme


  • Complete one Clinical/Practice Audit. 


*The 25 CPD credits can be recorded in any CPD category (external, internal, personal learning, research/teaching).  Minimum CPD targets for each category do not apply for 2022 / 2023 


As we now approach the end of the Professional Competence Scheme year 2022 – 2023, we recommend that you LOGIN to your PCS ePortfolio and update your ePortfolio to ensure that your CPD activity is uploaded for the current year.  


If you have not reached the required target (25 CPD credits and one clinical/practice audit) at this point in time, we would recommend that you plan activities over the coming months.  Click HERE for PCS Clinical Audit User Guide.  Click HERE for upcoming RCSI CPD Courses.  For information on How To Upload Records, click HERE.


RCSI continue to encourage you to take a broader approach, where it is possible to do so, to ensure you participate in at least 20 hours of External activities (these can be online courses / seminars / conferences / webinars etc), participate in at least 20 hours of Internal activities such as hospital based events like Grand Rounds, MDTs and quality improvement activities (even if these are by web conference).  You should continue to read, particularly the key journals for your specialty, and record your reading under the Personal Learning category. 


We wish to highlight that the PCS portal has not been updated / changed to reflect the above PCS interim requirements and therefore when you record the minimum requirement (25 cpd credits) and complete one clinical / practice Audit for this PCS year, your portfolio will indicate that you are ‘not on target’. However, please note that by recording 25 CPD credits and one clinical /practice Audit you are ON TARGET with interim requirements for this PCS year.


Please note that as part of the Arrangement with the Medical Council, the Training Bodies are required to undertake a verification of activities recorded by 3-5% of doctors enrolled on the Professional Competence Scheme.  RCSI will commence this Verification Process in May / June 2023 where we will randomly select doctors to participate in this process for the year 1st May 2022 – 30th April 2023.  This process will involve checking the activities that have been uploaded to a doctor’s PCS portfolio and the CPD credits assigned to each activity.  This is a supportive exercise and provides support to assist doctors in meeting the PCS requirements.    


The Medical Council have indicated that doctors will be asked to make a declaration about their maintenance of professional competence during the July 2023 annual retention process.


You should now login to your PCS profile and review your portfolio.  For information on How To Upload Records, click HERE.


Please email us on if you have any queries or need assistance in relation to your PCS.

Yours sincerely


Professor Sean Tierney BSc MCh FRCSI
Dean of Professional Development and Practice