CPD Credits uploaded - Not on Target 1st May 2022 - 30th April 2023




On reviewing your Professional Competence annual Statement of Participation we note that you have NOT reached the required target requirements for the PCS Year 1st May 2022 – 30th April 2023 - 25 CPD credits (in any category, External, Internal, Personal Learning, Research & Training) and one clinical/practice audit.   Please note this information is based on an automated report on a given date /time from your PCS portfolio).


Please note that you can still upload your CPD activity for 1st May 2022 – 30th April 2023.    You should now login to your PCS portfolio and review your credits.    We would ask that you update and record your valid CPD activities on or before Friday 2nd June 2023. 


If you reach a total of 25 CPD credits and complete one Clinical Practice audit, you are ON TARGETWe wish to highlight that the PCS portal has not been updated / changed to reflect the above PCS interim requirements and therefore when you record the minimum requirement (25 cpd credits) and one clinical / practice Audit for this PCS year, your portfolio will indicate that you are ‘not on target’However, please note that by recording 25 CPD credits and one clinical /practice Audit you are ON TARGET with interim requirements for this PCS year.


It is important to be aware that RCSI may be required to provide the Medical Council with the registration numbers and names of all registered Medical practitioners (RMPs) who have not met the minimum requirements in the year ending 30th April 2023.


 If you have not:

  1. Identified and recorded additional credits that bring your total credits to the minimum level required, 25 CPD credits


  1. completed and uploaded one Clinical / Practice Audit


then it would be appropriate, when you complete the Annual Retention Form (ARF) with the Medical Council, to tick NO to statement 2 “I have achieved the annual minimum CPD requirements for the Scheme Year 2021 / 22     [YES/NO]


Please note that doctors who are found to have made a false declaration in the Annual Retention of Registration may be subject to regulatory action.   While the Medical Council have indicated to us that they do not intend to take regulatory action against those who truthfully declare that they are not compliant with the requirements, you will be in breach of your obligations under the Medical Practitioners Act and this could result in regulatory action against you.


In addition, please note that you must also re-enrol in PCS for the current year 1st May 2023- 30th April 2024 and pay the appropriate fee www.rcsi.ie/pcs before you complete the annual retention of registration process with the Medical Council.  


If you have been appointed to a Postgraduate Training Scheme commencing July 2023, please click here to complete the form to confirm that you are going on to a Training Programme.


If you were absent from practice for a period of three months or greater due to illness or maternity leave during the year ended 30/04/2023 and have not already notified us and had your statement annotated, please complete the declaration available here and we will annotate your Annual Statement of Participation.


If you require further advice on the operation of the Professional Competence Scheme or support in meeting the requirements, please contact us at (pcs@rcsi.ie) or consult our website. If you have any queries about the annual retention process or other matters relating to your registration, you should contact the Medical Council directly.

If you are no longer on the Irish Medical Council’s Register, please notify this office by email
pcs@rcsi.ie as this will allow us update our records and ensure that you do not receive unnecessary communication in relation to the PCS.


Yours sincerely


Professor Sean Tierney BSc MCh FRCSI
Dean of Professional Development and Practice