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Self-paced online courses

We continually work to add more self-paced courses that you can complete easily at a time that suits you. Please see our list of these courses below:


Course Title

Course Overview

CPD Points


Safe Clinical Handovers

Quality healthcare requires clear and effective communication between healthcare professionals, teams, and patients. In this course, we will focus on one particular area of healthcare communication: clinical handovers. This online course aims to support clinicians to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively prepare and participate in clinical handover.





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Communication Skills for Video and Telephone Consultation

Video and telephone consultations in healthcare are not new, but the COVID-19 crisis forced many clinicians to rapidly take up these kinds of consultations as a feasible alternative to face-to-face consultations. This is often a type of consultation that staff has not encountered before. Applying the Calgary-Cambridge guide to video and telephone calls provides a structured and safe approach to this virtual format.





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Medical Emergencies

The course is presented as a series of recorded one-hour modules. Each module, involving a separate specialty theme, will involve case-based discussions with a variety of guest speakers. Slides covering the content are provided, and a short series of MCQs based on the content covered is completed to complete the module.





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ECG Interpretation in the Emergency Department

This new online course uses a case discussion format to revise the basics of ECG Interpretation for Emergency Medicine physicians. This online platform allows candidates to access the recorded content on demand, with the facility to repeat more challenging modules as desired. Candidates are required to complete a quiz at the beginning and end of the course.







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Medical Science for Surgery and Emergency Medicine

RCSI in partnership with the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine have developed a CPD/CME programme to maintain and develop their competence in this critical area of clinical practice.

The comprehensive programme of short online courses will cover 25 areas of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Together we have brought to you the first seven courses in this series which cover the following areas: Cancer Diagnostics, Surgical Microbiology, Blood Transfusion, Coagulation, Surgical Immunology, Heart Failure Assessment in the Emergency Department, Near Patient Testing (NPT)basic and applied pathology.


2 /module

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Virtual Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt

As part of the programme participants learn excellent techniques for improving processes and implementing change in your hospital or department, but they also develop abilities that are highly portable across the organisation and internationally.


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Essential Skills in Health Professions Education

The course includes mini-modules on large group teaching, small group teaching, bedside teaching, simulation-based learning, and Universal Design for Learning. Each mini module includes video content, curated reading lists and interactive activities.


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Clinical Trials

Cancer clinical trials are pivotal research studies that aim to advance our understanding of cancer and develop new treatment options. They involve rigorous testing of novel therapies, drugs, or interventions to assess their safety and efficacy in real-world patient scenarios.


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Introduction to Green Surgery

This short course explores the contribution of surgery to climate change and examines interventions that can lead to reduced greenhouse gases and reduce the climate impact of surgery.


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Foundations of Robotic Surgery*

The course covers material which we believe is fundamental to understanding the current state of surgical robotics in the market and the skills necessary to safe and effectively utilise this technology in your everyday surgical practice.This course is design for any healthcare professional wanting to develop their knowledge and understanding of surgical robotics, including surgeons, trainees, medical students, nurses, and technicians.



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* Not covered by the CPD voucher


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