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GDPR and your PCS portfolio

RCSI Professional Competence Scheme, in consultation with the Medical Council has reviewed the length of time it keeps personal data and has determined how long personal information should be retained, according to legal/ business need.


The Medical Council requires that records are kept for a period of six years, (current PCS year plus previous five years), to fulfil obligations under the MPA 2007.


We are therefore required to delete records from the PCS portfolios which are older than six years.  If you have records older than six years and would like to retain these documents / records, we would encourage you to login to your portfolio and download these documents.  Further reminders and Guidelines on how to download your documents/records will be issued before any of your records are deleted.


The RCSI Professional Competence Scheme, Department of Surgical Affairs, is committed to ensuring it conducts its business in a way that upholds and promotes the privacy rights of individuals. The legislation governing the use of personal data is the General Data Protection Regulation (‘the GDPR’) and the Data Protection Act 2018.


GDPR places significant obligations on organisations in relation to the processing of personal data and the data protection principles are a set of rules, which we must follow to ensure that we are processing personal data in accordance with the law.


According to these principles, RCSI Professional Competence Scheme, must only collect, use and store the personal data it requires to fulfil the legitimate business purposes that it has identified. In order to ensure that it is complying with the principle of Data Minimisation, this requires us to identify the minimum amount of personal data needed to properly fulfil the business purpose. We should collect and hold no more than this minimum amount.


Furthermore, under the principle of Storage Limitation, we are required to hold personal data no longer than necessary for the purpose by which it was obtained. Ensuring personal data is disposed of when no longer needed, helps to reduce the risk that it will become inaccurate, out of date or irrelevant.


With this in mind, we are requesting that you review your personal data stored by RCSI Professional Competence Scheme,  and determine if you need to retain any data older than six years. If so, you need to download this information from our system and retain elsewhere.  Any data falling outside our retention period of six years, will be securely deleted by 1st May 2020 date. Further reminders and Guidelines on how to download your documents/records will be issued before any of your records are deleted.