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Extended Absence From Work
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Extended Absence From Work

The Medical Council recognise that periods of certified leave (maternity leave / sick leave) longer than three months may result in a doctor not being able to meet their obligations in relation to professional competence over that period.


If you are (or have been) absent from practice for three months or more during the professional competence year due to maternity or sick leave (which runs from 1st May 2022 -30th April 2023), you should inform RCSI PCS department.  Please complete the Form which is available on our Website or click here


We will record the absence on your PCS portfolio and an annotation will be appear against the relevant year on your Statement of Participation. Where possible, you should try and maintain some engagement in maintenance of professional competence during your absence from practice. You may be required by the Medical Council to produce documentation supporting your absence from practice if you are selected for a Maintenance of Professional Competence Audit.