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Charter Day Faculty of Surgical Trainers


The Faculty of Surgical Trainers held an inaugural event at Charter Day which was attended by over 350 consultant surgeons.


The session Chaired by Ms Bridget Egan designed to reflect the issues that Surgical Trainers identified as important during Covid.




Professor Richard Reznick, FRCSI (Hon)

Queen’s University, President Elect Royal


Professor Reznick outlined the threats and opportunities that Covid had introduced to surgical training, not just in Ireland but brought an international perspective to the debate.


The threats to the delivery of training are universal;

  • Cancellation of elective surgery
  • in person conferences and educational events cancelled
  • Number of people in theatre minimised
  • Redeployment of trainees
  • Closing of simulation labs
  • Tendency for surgeries to done quickly by consultants only
  • Research shows decrease in major elective cases


This is a time of severe stress for trainees. 


The opportunities include the surge in online education and the swift introduction of telemedicine.


Professor Reznick examined the role that simulation now plays in surgical education and how in order for this to be effective investment is required especially for senior trainees, and concluded the talk with;

“Expediency to get the case done must never superseded our responsibility to train those who will be looking after you and me”

The full talk can be viewed here



Should I go on Fellowship in these crazy timesDr Mikke Medeni Vascular Fellow


Surgical Fellowships in the COVID Era – An International Perspective


Every element of Surgical Training have been affected by Covid, and decisions around fellowship have become even more complex than before.


The Charter Day session was an opportunity for Trainers to hear from those currently undertaking fellowships in, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, the individual testimonies gave an insight into the number, type and location of Fellowships available in a number of locations.

Trainers are often the first point of call for Trainees seeking advice on fellowships and the purpose of this session was to provide awareness of the new challenges facing Trainees considering undertake a fellowship abroad during Covid. 

There is advice on travel, visa arrangements, quarantine regulations and the type and number of fellowships available.

The presentations can be viewed on the links below.







The previous speakers outlined the structural changes that are happening in surgical training and this session examined the opportunities for the future delivery of surgical education at multiple sites.


Professor Dara O’Byrne presented an insight into the training including simulation structures currently in operation in Galway University Hospital.  One of key benefits of having onsite training was the ability to train the entire together and involve all who are part of the delivery of patient care.


The joint presentation by Professor Eoin Sheehan and Mr Sean Johnston Tullamore Hospital gave an insight into the education, training and simulation facilities that have been developed in collaboration with the HSE and a number of medical schools. 

Full details of the session can be view here

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