Become an MRCS Examiner

RCSI is currently recruiting for new clinical examiners in Ireland, Bahrain, Malaysia and UAE to join our committee and examine in upcoming MRCS B examinations.

Eligibility criteria for clinical examiners can be seen below:

  1. Fellow (including Fellow ad eundem) of one of the four Royal Surgical Colleges.
  2. Hold or have held full consultant status (not a locum post) for at least two years post CCT or equivalent.
  3. Able to complete one term of office before retirement i.e. one full term (six years including a probationary year). Two further terms of five years may be approved.
  4. Engaged in active clinical/academic practice. If an examiner wishes to continue to examine beyond the point at which they demit from active practice, they should meet the expectations and requirements of all examiners, with the exception that they are no longer in active practice, but they have maintained a licence to practise with the GMC. International examiners will be required to meet the regulatory requirements of their country’s governing body.

Prospective examiners looking to apply will need to complete the relevant application form and send it to

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