Court of Examiners - Interested in Becoming an Examiner

The remit of the Court of Examiner’s is to increase the profile of postgraduate surgical examining at RCSI and to make such examining activity more relevant and attractive to the College's surgical community in Ireland and overseas.

The Court’s Executive Committee is responsible for examiner recruitment and development and seeks to make examining more relevant to this community, in terms of continuing professional development (CPD).

Members of the RCSI Court of Examiners are kept informed on developments and international best practice in clinical assessment at the Annual Court of Examiners Meeting and are awarded Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) credits for examining and attending the meeting. Members also receive a complimentary member's pack (with RCSI Court of Examiners merchandise).


RCSI is currently recruiting surgical examiners for the College's MRCS exam.

Applications from RCSI Fellows who are in active clinical practice and have held a consultant post for two years are welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a Member, please see the Becoming an Examiner page on the RCSI website.


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