National Vascular Surgery Model of Care

Vascular surgery was recognized as a medical specialty by the Irish Medical Council in 2014 and earlier this year, the NCPS appointed a Clinical Advisor in Vascular Surgery, Mr Martin Feeley.


As a specialty, vascular surgery is in a period of significant change with more widespread use of minimally invasive arterial and aortic surgery, and increasingly common utilisation of ambulatory endovenous techniques for varicose veins. It is therefore timely that the Model of Care for Vascular Surgery is being developed. Authored by Mr Martin Feeley, in collaboration with the members of the Irish Association of Vascular Surgeons, the Model of Care will define the optimal organisation of services for vascular surgery with an emphasis on service innovation. The Model of Care will not only describe optimal care for high complexity vascular surgery, but will also address high volume, low complexity procedures like varicose veins. This remains a controversial condition with the BMJ reporting in July that the UK National Health Service plans to restrict varicose vein surgery to patients with specific indications such as skin changes thought to be caused by chronic venous insufficiency, superficial vein thrombosis and venous ulceration. (BMJ 2018; 362: k2903).


The Model of Care will be launched during the Charter Day Meeting in 2019.

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