Updates to NQAIS Clinical in 2022

There were two phases of updates to NQAIS Clinical in 2022. These changes brought about significant improvements for users of the system. These changes included:

  • Changes to hospital lists and specialty names to reflect current state
  • New variables in the ‘Records’ and ‘Crosstabs’ reporting screens
    • Discharge mode
    • Palliative care flag
    • Mode of Emergency admission
    • Medically fit for discharge
    • Date of transfer to pre-discharge unit
    • COVID-19 indicator
    • Ukraine Temporary Protection Directive
  • Select / deselect all button added to the ‘Records’ reporting
  • Additional Bookmarking options
  • Consistent sorting signals across the application
  • Revised page layout to improve screen view

Many thanks to Eilish Croke, Programme Manager for NQAIS Clinical Implementation and Deployment, and Gerry Kelliher, BI for Acute Hospitals clinical and integrated care programmes, who lead the support and development of NQAIS Clinical.

Eilish and Gerry extend their thanks to the NAMP teams and the HSE Office of the National Clinical Advisor and Group Lead for Acute Hospitals for their contributions towards these valuable NQAIS Clinical updates.

For more information, to become a user of NQAIS Clinical or for training and education, please contact Eilish at eilishcroke@rcsi.ie.

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