National ENT Head and Neck Specialty Model of Care

Professor Michael Walsh, NCPS ENT, Head and Neck Surgery Specialty Advisor, in collaboration with the NCPS team, has developed the ENT Head and Neck specialty Model of Care.


This diverse specialty includes care of patients with a wide range of conditions, ranging from simple conditions treated medically to extraordinarily complex oncologic and other resections. Unlike many other surgical specialties, general ENT encompasses care of a large proportion of out-patients who receive medical treatment only – almost 80% of all OPD referrals. Currently in Ireland, over 70,000 patients are awaiting a routine ENT Outpatient appointment, a number that is increasing each year. The ENT Model of Care seeks to expand the options available to patients who require straightforward ENT evaluation and treatment.


An area under evaluation in the Model of Care is the workforce plan needed to expand services in the areas of Audiology, Speech Therapy, Postural Rehabilitation Physiotherapy, and Nursing, including Advanced Nurse Practitioners. The Model of Care will be launched during the Charter Day Meeting in 2019.

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