A Christmas Message from Professor Laura Viani, RCSI President

Dear Trainee, 

I am delighted to be writing to you on the end of a successful year for Surgical Training, everyone should take great pride in what they have achieved this year and always remember that what you do on a daily basis has a really positive impact on patient’s lives.

As surgical trainees you are being trained to deliver the highest level of surgical care to patients taking advantage of technological developments and Human Factors training which I hope you agree will be key to building a successful career in surgery, which I have no doubt you will all achieve.

I hope you are enjoying this phase of your career, I would always advise people to take advantage of the wide range of educational opportunities that are available at the RCSI including the scholarship opportunities. 

I am aware that surgical training can be challenging not just for you but also for your families and on occasion your workplace can be demanding and feel inhospitable.  Always be assured that the RCSI is here to support you during your training and for the duration of your career.

Charter Day 2023 theme is “Shaping the Future” and as are future surgeons I would really welcome your attendance and input into this event as the next generation surgeons you can influence the healthcare direction of surgery.

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