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2023 - 2024 - PCS Requirements for Maintenance of Professional Competence
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2023 - 2024 - PCS Requirements for Maintenance of Professional Competence

For the 2023/24 Professional Competence Scheme Year the following applies: 

  • Doctors are required to record 40 CPD credits.  These 40 cpd credis can be recorded in any CPD category (external, internal, personal learning, research/teaching).  CPD targets for each category do not apply for 2023/24
  • Complete one clinical / practice Audit
RCSI continue to encourage you to take a broader approach, where it is possible to do so, to ensure you participate in at least 20 hours of external activities (these can be online courses / seminars / conferences / webinars etc) , participate and record your attendance at 20 hours of hospital based events like Grand Rounds, MDTs and quality improvement activities (even if these are by web conference).  You should continue to read, particularly the key journals for your specialty, and record your reading under the personal learning category.   
We ask that you reflect on your own practice (including the lessons from audit), consult with your peers or consultant colleague, and plan your Professional Development needs early in the PCS year.  Please click here for the Professional Development Plan (PDP) template and we encourage you to complete this and upload the completed plan to your PCS portfolio and claim the relevant CPD credits.